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What is CBD oil and how to use it

CBD, or cannabidiol, is one of the cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant (cannabis technicalis). CAUTION Do not confuse it with THC, which has psychoactive effects;

CBD is found in a wide range of products, including CBD oil, which is available in the form of oil drops, sprays or capsules.

CBD oil and its dosage

CBD oil is among the popular form. When made in organic quality, it helps to support our immunity and the proper functioning of the immune system. It also provides relief from chronic fatigue, back pain, digestive problems or insomnia.

CBD oil

It is produced by extracting the active ingredients from the cannabis plant and mixing them with high-quality edible oils. The fastest effects (5-20 minutes) occur with sublingual application, the substance is gradually absorbed into the bloodstream under the tongue. The oil should be dosed 30 minutes before eating, the appropriate dose is dripped under the tongue, waited for 1 minute and then swallowed. It can be washed down with a little water. The quantity is individual. Depends on the reason for use and the concentration of CBD in the oil. In addition, each individual reacts differently to CBD;

Special vaporizers designed for this type of oil can also be used to use CBD oil;

You always need to start with a very small dose. In case of any health problems, you need to consult your doctor before using CBD oil.

What ailments can CBD oil help with?

CBD oil can help with a wide range of health conditions.

  • Anxiety states

CBD could affect the way sensors respond to serotonin, a substance that affects our mental health. CBD can help reduce feelings of stress, reduce the effects caused by anxiety (increased heart rate), reduce the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and promote sleep in the case of insomnia (difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep);

  • Neurodegenerative diseases

These diseases cause brain cell loss and impairment of nervous system function. These diseases are accompanied by inflammatory processes in the brain and CBD has anti-inflammatory effects. However, a lot of research is still needed.

  • Pain

CBD could have a positive effect when trying to relieve pain, as it acts on brain receptors. Some studies show a positive effect in alleviating the negative effects of chemotherapy. CBD could relieve pain in arthritis, multiple sclerosis, muscle pain and pain that occurs with spinal injuries;

  • Skin problems

CBD oil is, in some cases, an effective treatment for acne or dermatitis. It helps to suppress the activity of the sebaceous glands, as excess sebum production often leads to the appearance of acne.

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