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Phoenix Tears – Rick Simpson oil

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Everything you wanted to know about Phoenix Tears

Phoenix tears are a phenomenon that has been moving the cannabis community for many years. But not everyone is clear on what exactly it is, where this “invention” came from or what to expect from it. For today’s article, we have taken it upon ourselves to clarify these questions as best we can.

It started in Canada

Canada is known for its welcoming attitude towards cannabis and has taken many pioneering steps towards decriminalising the plant and the active substances it contains. It is therefore fitting that the man who created Phoenix Tears comes from this country. Rick Simpson is a legend in the cannabis world, indeed the product that is the subject of our article is often simply called Rick Simpson oil.

The whole story began in 1997. Rick Simpson’s work accident caused him numerous unpleasant long-term problems that limited his quality of life. Standard medications failed to help him, but rather, according to his testimony, aggravated him. It was then that he became interested in the medicinal effects of cannabis and his own research matured to such a stage that the result was the now famous RSO (Rick Simpson oil) concentrate, or Phoenix Tears;

The “inventor” himself claimed that this medicine helped him overcome long-term consequences, even helping him fight cancer, which doctors diagnosed in 2003.

What are the tears of the Phoenix?

After a historical excursus, we come to the fundamental question. What exactly are the tears of the Phoenix? What do they contain and what are their known effects?

As we have already indicated, it is essentially a cannabis concentrate in the form of an oil. This is why it is sometimes referred to as cannabis extract, and this extract falls into the broader category of hash oils. A very important fact is that the main active ingredient is the psychoactive cannabinoid THC or tetrahydrocannabidol. The THC content in Phoenix Tears is extremely high. Classic “Phoenix tears” hide 80-90%.

It is important to note here that such a high THC content, at the expense of e.g. CBD and other substances, has led to a greater risk of strong side effects (which we will discuss later). Later, experimentation began lower in THC and more balanced against CBD, CBG and other cannabinoids that are highly valued for their health benefits. THC content could also drop to 40% and such an extract is much better tolerated by many people.

Fenix tears illustration

Phoenix tears vs. CBD/CBG oils

The cannabinoids CBD and CBG are currently in the spotlight and a number of scientific studies confirm their extensive positive effects on the human (and animal) body. These substances have no psychoactive effects and there are no known side effects. CBD or CBG oils can be legally sold provided that the THC content is no more than 0,2 %. In other words, these oils contain almost no THC, so they don’t produce the side effects associated with this well-known substance. Instead, they produce a range of positive and desirable effects on mental and physical health. This is the main difference from the controversial and still illegal Phoenix Tears, which are still not available in this country because of their high THC content;

How are Phoenix tears made?

The production process is not technologically complicated, this extract is produced at home. High-quality cannabis is crushed and macerated in a solvent, which is usually ethanol, pure naphtha or isopropyl alcohol. The solution is then strained and the solvent needs to be distilled or boiled off. For straining, a plain cloth is usually used, and for boiling, many domestic manufacturers recommend a rice cooker or other pot where a stable temperature (up to about 110°C) can be set and maintained;

Attention;! These solvents are highly flammable and their fumes can cause health problems, intoxication, etc. Great care is therefore needed (well-ventilated room, drape). Therefore, sometimes only olive oil is recommended as a solvent, which is harmless and trouble-free. However, extraction is more difficult;

When are Phoenix tears used?

Among the most important questions are clearly the effects of the Phoenix Tears. In this case, we will be interested in the desirable ones, for which they are produced, sought after and used by many people around the world.

  • Slowing or stopping cancerous growth
  • Relief of anxiety states
  • Relief of chronic painful conditions
  • Relief of musculoskeletal pain
  • Improved appetite
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Anti-inflammatory effects

This list of positive effects is rather based on claims and user experience, it is not a scientifically verified effects of Phoenix tears as such. However, some of these effects are consistent with the results of studies that have looked at the beneficial effects of cannabis (cannabinoids) on the body (we have already looked at the effects of specific cannabinoids in more detail in other articles);

How are phoenix tears used?

There are several ways to use it, similar to CBD oils and other cannabis products. There is the possibility of vaporization, direct consumption or mixing into food, or topical external use as oils or ointments;

A very small amount is always used, so syringes are sometimes used for dosing. Not for injection into a vein! Only to measure a really precise dose (Rick Simpson himself recommends a dose about the size of a grain of rice, but it is recommended to start with an even lower dose because of the high THC concentration and to prevent or mitigate side effects);

Adverse or side effects

Due to its high THC content, phoenix tears (unlike CBD oils) can have various side effects, mainly psychological. They can occur states of anxiety, paranoia, disorientation and general daze, temporary memory disturbances, depersonalization and other difficulties that subside within a few hours, depending on the dose and strength of the extract or even the method of application.

Is it possible to overdose on phoenix tears?

An overdose of phoenix tears, or the active ingredient THC, is possible in the sense that strong unwanted side effects will occur. These can lead to risky behaviour in certain activities (typically, e.g. driving). However, there is no known case of a direct fatal overdose. Research has already shown that a fatal overdose of cannabis (THC) is almost impossible due to the extremely high lethal dose. If you want to avoid these side effects and still reap the benefits that cannabis and its cannabinoids offer, you can try e.g. our Fenix Tears, which do not have any side effects here: https://cbdsvet.en/product/fenixove-slzy-cbd-55-az-65-10-thv-5ml/

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