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CBN oil: effects and quality under the magnifying glass

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Everyone is talking about CBD oils these days, why should we know about CBN oil? What are its advantages, what makes it interesting and what do we already know about its effects?

What is CBN oil

CBN oil (sometimes also CBN hemp oil or CBN drops) is the name for a product made from the cannabis plant, which is commonly composed of CBN extract and a carrier (vegetable oil). CBN extract is an extract from the cannabis plant that contains the active ingredient CBN (or other ingredients).

In our products, we use MCT oil – one of the best and highest quality carriers today. MCT stands for medium chain triglycerides and is a type of fatty acid.

Mark Hyman, author of the bestseller “Lose Weight With Fats,” refers to MCTs as super fuel that promotes fat burning and maintains mental clarity.

Also significant is relationship of CBN and MCT oil: MCT oil is usually burned quickly, therefore the effects of CBN are also quickly utilized. And another important advantage: the combination of MCT oil and CBN extract increases the availability of active substances, therefore allowing a high percentage of these substances to enter the bloodstream;

What is CBN

CBN stands for cannabinol and include to group of cannabinoids, chemicals naturally present in in the cannabis plant (there are over a hundred in total).

The more well-known and debated cannabinoids, which also have more scientific attention, are THC or CBD. Cannabinol (CBN), however, boasts at least one gold medal: it is the first ever the first cannabinoid to be identified and isolated from the cannabis plant. This was in 1940, apparently as a result of poor quality control and transport and storage conditions at the time, which caused uncontrolled degradation of THC;

CBN is in fact the major product of THC oxidation – THC is readily converted to CBN during drying, storage or consumption (heating) of cannabis products. CBN can also be made from THC.

Effects of CBN

As mentioned, the cannabinoid CBN has not been in the scientific spotlight very often in the past;

However, the popularity of cannabis and interest in its therapeutic potential is growing and the situation is changing;

We can therefore hope for the emergence of large-scale studies and a clear overview of the effects of CBN, as well as increasing knowledge of other cannabinoids. For now, let’s at least look at previous findings and preliminary research results.

CBN as a sedative;

If you’ve ever heard of CBN, it was probably in conjunction with sleep. Scientists actually state that CBNs can have very significant sedative effects. Research on mice has even shown that CBN can increase sleep time; According to scientists at the Steep Hill lab, CBN is a more potent sedative than any other cannabinoid and may play a role in treating insomnia. The prospect of CBN as a sedative and sleep-promoting agent is therefore quite clear and we can only wait for follow-up studies to confirm these properties;

CBN and anti-inflammatory effects

CBN and other cannabinoids are increasingly being investigated for possible anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive effects, the therapeutic role of CBN in the treatment of inflammatory (chronic, autoimmune) diseases, such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, and others. Scientists are also working to better understand the relationship between the human endocannabinoid system and the immune system. Certain features related to the anti-inflammatory effects of CBN have already been demonstrated, confirmed by Steep Hill scientists, with further and more detailed research pending.

CBN and cramps

Another area under investigation in the question of CBN action is convulsions. Study o anticonvulsant abilities (spasm-releasing abilities) CBN speaks, similarly to CBD, which at the moment appears to be stronger.

CBN as an antibiotic;

Scientists suggest that CBNs may have the ability to fight bacteria. A 2008 study found that CBN is one of several cannabinoids that are effective in treatment of MRSA (an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection).

CBN and pain

Scientists also point to CBN’s analgesic (pain-relieving) abilities; In fact, CBN seems to affect the activity of neurons that are sensitive to capsaicin (found in chilli peppers). The scientists’ interest is also evidenced by study (currently in progress) looking at patients after knee replacement. It aims to determine whether CBN treatment reduces the amount of opioids needed during the first 2 weeks after surgery (compared to the placebo group);

CBN and cancer

It also looks promising in terms of the relationship between CBN and cancer. There are in fact preliminary evidence of direct CBN capabilities slow or stop the growth and spread of cancer cells. According to one study, found that CBN is one of several cannabinoids that reduce tumor size in a form of lung cancer. Scientists also mention CBN’s ability to fight free radicals in the blood.

CBN and appetite

So far, in some cases, we have also added the more familiar CBD to the effects of CBN. However, in the area of appetite, the two cannabinoids behave quite differently. While CBD suppresses cravings, it appears that CBN is doing the opposite, i.e., appetite increases. This finding may help people looking forsupportive agent to maintain appetite especially in the context of another disease (e.g.

CBN and bone

Research suggests that cannabinoids, including CBN, may play a role in stem cell activation that helps create new bone cells, or may be useful in healing of fractures and bone loss – so this is also a very interesting and promising finding for the treatment of osteoporosis.

CBN and glaucoma

There are also certain findings regarding the relationship between CBN and glaucoma (popularly glaucoma) that hold promise for possible future solutions to the disease. Ability CBN reduce intraocular pressure confirm and Laboratories Steep Hill.

Is CBN oil psychoactive?

A simple and logical question, but currently doesn’t have a clear answer. Some research suggests that CBN does not have psychoactive effects, others talk about very mild psychoactivity. In part, the issue of psychoactivity can probably be linked to the aforementioned sedative effects that CBN may have, which may be the basis for experiencing drowsiness after use.

How to choose the right CBN oil

What to look out for when choosing CBN oil? There’s more, let’s look at each area in detail.

Cannabis plant

Hemp is a raw material whose quality is crucial to the final product. It is very advisable to choose brands where we have the possibility to recognize original plant.

In terms of our products, thanks to family-friendly foreign farms and a stake in a CR grower, we can consistently monitor the entire process of growing, as well as the handling of the plants. This is the only way to ensure a truly premium plant qualities that underpin the entire production process.

Full spectrum a broad spectrum CBN oil

Although the whole article revolves around CBN, we must not forget the interactions with other components of the extract that can naturally support and enhance the effect of CBN. We refer to extracts that maintain the natural strength and balance of each ingredient as full spectrum (full spectrum) extracts. The opposite of this are the so called “full spectrum”. The opposite is isolates, which are limited to only one active ingredient. There are also so-called “isolates”. broad spectrum (broad spectrum) extracts, the quality of which can vary considerably based on the manufacturing process – the most gentle processing method in this regard is one that results in a near full spectrum extract (retaining the full spectrum of active ingredients and separating only the THC).

In full spectrum and high quality broad spectrum extracts, the active ingredients are represented in their original proportions and their profile thus completely or almost replicatesthe natural profile of the cannabis plant in all its power.

And what other components of the cannabis plant are we talking about? First of all, it’s other cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, or CBDa), but also about terpenes, flavonoids and other phytonutrients.

In our offer you will find only full spectrum products (or slightly modified broad spectrum products), which allow the natural cooperation and strengthening of the effect of the individual components in accordance with the natural potential of the plant;

Environmentally friendly production of CBN oils

Technological processes are also very important for the quality of CBN oils. The most gentle processing method is CO2 extraction – a process in which dried cannabis is compressed under optimal temperature and pressure by CO2.

When selecting CBN oil, focus on those that are the result of CO2 extraction – preserves namely maximum beneficial substances.

You won’t find any other processing in our offer – it makes no sense for us to use any other than the best method for our high-quality plants;

The right packaging for CBN oil

The most suitable container for oils containing cannabinoids is a glass container, but there are many of these. The absolute basic is dark glass to protect the contents from the harmful effects of light.

Testing and CBN oil

Creating a product should not be the end of the process – testing is also important, with laboratory analyzes the content of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, pesticide residues and other constituents. Other important elements such as nutritional values or microbiological indicators are also determined;

All of our products are reliably tested by a renowned laboratory Aquatest a.s. based in Prague. Results are carefully considered, so only the best products reach our customers.

Concentration and CBN oil

The concentration of CBN oil informs us about the percentage of the active substance. In our offer you will find CBN oil with a concentration of 15%. How to determine the content of the active substance in one drop? Since a 10 ml pack contains about 200-250 drops, for this 15% product CBN content in one drop of about 6-7.5 mg.

What to take away from all this

The differences in the quality of CBN oils are considerable. If you focus on full spectrum (or considerate broad spectrum) products that were created using CO2 extractions from quality cannabis plants and that are carefully tested and packaged in appropriate containers, you won’t go wrong. Our premium CBN oil, whose premium properties we guarantee, find here.

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