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What is Tribulus and how does it affect our body?

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Plant with Latin name Tribulus terrestris may sound exotic, but it is Earth anemone, a plant that can be grown in our conditions. It is an annual semi-evergreen herb of the duckweed family. Although this plant is inconspicuous and would be easily overlooked in nature, it is one of the most popular medicinal herbs with various health benefits. The plant grows in many regions, including parts of Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia. The fruit extract has been used as a medicine in Indian Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.

People have traditionally used this herb for a variety of needs, such as maintaining a healthy urinary tract, improving libido, and fighting swelling. Nowadays, Tribulus terrestris is commonly used as a general supplement and in supplements that increase testosterone levels.

Using the anchor for health

More than a century ago, interest in this plant began to soar for several reasons. The most popular uses of anemone extract include promoting bodybuilding, enhancing athletic performance, treating sexual problems, heart and circulatory problems. Below, we will introduce this plant a little closer.

Increase testosterone levels

Tribulus terrestris is a popular herb for muscle building and this is because the extract contains the steroidal saponin protodioscin. As part of the research, scientists in Lithuania offered athletes 625 mg of a 40-percent saponin-containing Tribulus terrestris extract three times a day for 20 days. They realized that the testosterone that was circulating improved significantly during the first ten days of the study.

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The researchers who conducted this study concluded that anemone extract works by increasing levels of LH (luteinizing hormone) or FSH (follicle stimulating hormone). These two hormones are gonadotropins and therefore stimulate the gonads in both women and men. This stimulates the production of estrogen in women and testosterone in men. Another factor is how anemone extract plays with blood glucose levels, lowering the levels and triggering a body response that increases testosterone.

Other studies show that anemone extract is adatogenic. In simpler terms, a supplement will only work if it can help bring the body system back into balance or homeostasis. With this in mind, you may need to switch up the dosage of your herb. Otherwise, you may end up with results that are similar to a study done in Lithuania where it worked wonders for the first 10 days, but didn’t work for the next 10 days.

It affects blood sugar and heart health

Although most users typically take the extract for its positive effects on testosterone and sexual function, it has been studied for other key roles as well. One study examined the positive effects realized after women with type 2 diabetes were given Tribulus terrestris plant extract. This study involved 98 women with type II diabetes who took 1000 mg of Tribulus daily.

After 3 months, women who received the herb experienced a reduction in cholesterol and blood sugar levels compared to those who received a placebo. Animal studies have also shown that anemone extract can lower blood sugar, help prevent cholesterol from rising, and help protect against blood vessel damage.

Improving sports performance

Dietary supplements containing anemone are usually sold for their ability to increase testosterone levels. The result is muscle building, increased strength and an increase in the protein efficiency quotient. This helps the body’s abilities and physical endurance in cases of mental and physical overwork.

In addition, it has an immediate energizing and refreshing effect. The extract also helps to maintain a normal metabolism, promoting fat loss, a key part of the fight against excess weight. This herb is believed to be anabolic in nature. Tribulus terrestris is included in several bodybuilding programs under various recovery formulas for net weight gain, strength enhancement and muscle growth. This supplement is therefore very suitable for athletes during the preparation and active period and during the recovery period after physical exhaustion. Tribulus is therefore very useful for athletes and individuals who exercise for good fitness and health.

In an analysis of eleven previously published clinical trials, the report’s authors found that a higher degree of effect on enhancing athletic performance was seen when the extract was taken when the supplements contained a combination of substances.

Supporting overall health

The extract of anemone supports the normal functioning of the prostate and the health of other endocrine glands in men and positively affects psycho-emotional and physical health. The extract also maintains optimal cholesterol levels in the body. In addition, tribulus extract keeps blood vessel walls flexible and strong, helping to improve the health of the immune system.

In women, tribulus extract helps with menopausal changes because the active ingredients support the body’s hormonal balance and help relieve menstrual pain. Another benefit that makes this extract popular is that the furostanol saponins allow the conversion of protodioscin to DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), which is usually involved in regular steroid synthesis by helping in the transformation of sex hormones from free cholesterol.

Sexual health promotion

According to research published in 2017, Tribulus terrestris can help relieve erectile dysfunction. When examining the effects of taking the extract for 3 months in men with moderate or mild erectile dysfunction, researchers realized that those who received the extract experienced a significant improvement in sexual function.

A study conducted in 2018 suggests that tribulus extract may help treat sexual dysfunction in women. During the study, 40 women who had lost their libido were treated with either a tribulus preparation or a placebo. At the end of the study, those who received tribulus terrestris extract had increased testosterone levels and experienced great improvement in factors such as arousal, desire, and satisfaction.

Another group of researchers found that when men with low sex drive were given 750-1500 mg of the extract daily for eight weeks, their sex drive increased by 79 percent.

The researchers also found that 67 percent of women with decreased libido experienced improved sexual desire after receiving anchorage supplements ranging from 500 to 1,500 mg for 3 months.

Other clinical studies have also documented that anemone-containing supplements improved arousal, sexual desire, and sexual satisfaction in women with low libido. Some studies suggest that taking 800 mg of this herb daily may not effectively treat erectile dysfunction. However, studies have shown significant improvements in sexual satisfaction and erections with a dose of 1500 mg per day.

Support for weight loss

Although anemone is not primarily a weight-loss herb, it can contribute to weight loss. This is very important for those who have reduced testosterone levels and are also obese. Low testosterone levels are associated with low energy levels, reduced muscle strength and mass, and unhealthy weight gain. Research has also shown that people who are obese or overweight tend to have reduced testosterone levels.

With this in mind, the testosterone-boosting property of anchovies can lead to weight loss. In addition, when you use supplements with anchovy, you may notice a rise in your energy levels. You can use this energy to engage in intense physical exercise, thereby increasing your weight loss efforts.

Other potential health benefits

In addition to the already discussed uses of the extract, the herb can have other positive effects on the body. These effects include:

  • Immunity: it has been shown that the immunity of mice improves when they are given an extract of anemone.
  • Fluid balance: this herb can act as a diuretic and increase urine production.
  • Inflammation: a small test-tube study showed possible anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Brain: When the extract is used as part of many ingredients in a supplement, it has been found to have antidepressant effects in rats.
  • Cancer: a test-tube study has shown possible anti-cancer effects of this supplement.
  • Pain relief: when used in high doses, the extract provides pain relief in mice.

Dosage of Tribulus terrestris

Various doses of the extract have been used in research studies investigating the health benefits of the herb. In a study investigating the herb’s effectiveness in erectile dysfunction, a dose of Tribulus terrestris extract of 250 mg was taken 3 times a day for 3 months and positive effects were noted.

Researchers investigating the potential in blood sugar lowering effect used 1,000 mg per day, while a study investigating libido enhancement used doses of 250-1,500 mg per day. Other researchers used doses relative to the participant’s body weight. For example, several researchers used doses of 10 to 20 mg per kg of body weight.

With this in mind, if you weighed approximately 70 kg, you may need to take a dose of 700-1,400 mg per day.

If concentrated Tribulus terrestris is not used, traditional doses of the basic root powder should be between 5 g and 6 g, but the fruits should be between 2 g and 3 g;

Buy products containing Tribulus terrestris

There are many supplements on the market containing this herb, but that doesn’t mean that every supplement is suitable or of good quality. Avoid buying supplements from unknown or unreputable sellers. Not all suppliers have the knowledge and high-end equipment to prepare the purest extract of anemone. Some products contain very small amounts of saponins. Even worse, some suppliers do not list the amount of active ingredients, which is a bad sign.

Certainly, our capsules with Tribulus terrestris extract are a quality choice that you can find in our online store. It is a high quality 85% extract that will provide you with all the necessary effects you expect from an anchorite.

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