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CBD and important information about it

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What does CBD do?

CBD has many effects and we will discuss which ones here.

If we speak from common sense, CBD ensures the overall physical and mental well-being of ourselves and our bodies. After applying CBD, we may feel more relaxed, more at ease and even be more tired, which is why CBD is recommended to be taken before bedtime, as one of its health benefits is to improve sleep quality and sleep habits. CBD is also recommended for chronic smokers as it suppresses nicotine addiction and can help you kick a habit like cigarette smoking.

We’ve bitten on the health effects that CBD has many and are still coming up with more positive health effects. But for now, these are the ones we know about:

– Relieves chronic pain

– Relieves acne and eczema

– Anti-inflammatory

– Improves sleep

– Relieves stress and nervousness

– Protects the cells of the nervous system

– Prevention of epileptic seizures

– Helps with addiction treatment

– Helps with anxiety and depression

CBD is also suitable for our canine friends. It can help anxious and nervous dogs to calm down or relieve pain during treatment of an injury.

When to take CBD?

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So when to take CBD? This question does not have a precise answer. The application of CBD can be different and individual for everyone. Of course, it again depends on the reason you want to take CBD. If you want to improve your sleep, then take CBD before bedtime. If you only want to use CBD for your physical and mental well-being, then you can use it any time during the day, just be careful not to drive right after taking CBD, there is still some THC in CBD, so don’t have problems you didn’t want to have.

If we are talking about use for health reasons, the recommended dosage is five drops of oil per day, you can gradually increase or decrease the dose depending on your health condition.

How long does it take for CBD to take effect?

The effect takes between 10 and 30 minutes and lasts, depending of course on the factors of your physical state of mind and the size of the dose and the % of CBD in the product. The effect can last up to 8 hours. The onset of effects is also influenced by whether you take CBD fasting, during or after a meal. On a full stomach, the product is absorbed more slowly.

How to recognize CBD?

Our eye cannot tell CBD from THC at first glance, so be careful where and from whom you buy CBD, there is always a certificate with CBD products where you will find all the information about how much CBD and THC the product contains.

How long before bedtime to take CBD?

Jak dlouho? Účinek nastupuje po 10 až 30 minutách, takže nejlépe 10 – 30 minut před spánkem, po užití budete sami cítit únavu a poznáte pocit, kdy vám tělo i mysl říká dobrou noc. 😊

CBD is a great companion for every day, by using it you improve your quality of life.

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