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CBD and cooking

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Cooking with CBD is a creative way to incorporate your favorite hemp compound into your life and still get all the benefits associated with this amazing cannabinoid. It’s easy to get intimidated by new ingredients, but don’t be afraid.

How is CBD oil produced?

CBD oil is distilled from the cannabis plant through alcohol. The alcohol solvent can also extract all the other valuable components of the cannabis plant, such as bioflavonoids or amino acids. Producers let the cannabis leaves and flowers soak in the solvent, which is then evaporated. This method is the most natural and purest way of extracting the plant substances, providing the highest quality oil.

Cooking with CBD oil

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Yes, you can cook with CBD oil, but with caution. Besides the potential benefits, CBD oil can enhance your culinary experience. Not only can users reap the benefits of CBD in health and beauty products, but they can also incorporate this compound into culinary art. Nowadays, people are starting to use CBD oil as a substitute for olive oil. The former also contains beneficial omega fats found in olive oil. Remember that CBD oil is not suitable for frying. Excessive heat can cause CBD to lose its effectiveness. Therefore, pouring it into a high-temperature pan and adding your favorite ingredient later is not a good idea. Combining CBD oils with fat is the best way to cook with it. Cannabinoids bind well with oil-based ingredients. That explains why it’s best to cook with CBD oil by mixing it with coconut oil and butter. CBD oil is incredibly versatile, as you can try baking with CBD-infused butter or add it to healthy vegan dishes. But if you insist on using CBD oil as a cooking oil, you can fry food with hemp seed oil instead. This oil contains traces of CBD and is suitable for cooking.

What can be the motivation for cooking with CBD oil?

CBD provides many benefits on its own, but they can be enhanced or made more efficient when you add CBD to your favorite dish. Vegetables, herbs, and spices used in dishes already have therapeutic effects, and CBD derived from hemp can work with them. Additionally, fatty-rich foods allow the body to better absorb CBD. This is because CBD is insoluble in water but highly lipophilic, meaning you can infuse it into oils. A recent study showed that epilepsy patients who ate a high-fat meal before taking CBD could metabolize it faster than those who fasted. This conclusion is crucial and shows that fatty ingredients can most effectively bring the effects of CBD into play.

How does CBD oil taste?

CBD oil has a distinct and organic taste as it comes from hemp, but the taste may vary depending on the oil extraction method. The taste originates from the volatile terpene profile of the plant. To those who taste CBD oil for the first time, it may seem a bit unusual as it is an acquired taste, but it can enhance the overall flavor of your dish. One interesting fact about CBD oil is that its taste blends with your cooking oil, so the dish doesn’t undergo any drastic changes. Many people don’t enjoy the earthy taste of hemp, and CBD is no exception. So, you should be aware that adding CBD to your dishes may create a strong flavor that many may not like. The most popular recipes for incorporating CBD hemp oil are sweets and desserts—such as cookies, cocktails, and lattes—and savory dishes—like pasta and soups. They can also mask the strong taste of hemp.

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