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How about CBD and high blood pressure?

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There is speculation that CBD could lower blood pressure, but is it?

Our heart is working continuously and with impressive power. Every day, it performs about 100,000 beats and helps push approximately 10,000 litres of blood through our blood vessels. Sometimes the heart pushes blood through the blood vessels with great force and this leads to high blood pressure (hypertension), a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Treatment methods range from heavy medication to relaxation exercises. é Blood pressure can also be affected by CBD oil. If you want to know how and if hypertension can actually be reduced with CBD, look no further.

Hypertension – what exactly is it?

If our heart contracts, blood is pumped under pressure into the blood vessels and supplies the organs with nutrients and oxygen. The heart then relaxes briefly to prepare for the next pumping process. Some pressure remains, but it persists in the vascular system. Thus, there are two types of pressure – systolic and diastolic. Healthy pressure is at systolic up to 120 mm Hg, a value above 140 is already considered high blood pressure. For diastolic, healthy pressure is up to 80 mm Hg, values above 90 are considered high pressure. Although it is normal for blood pressure to rise slightly with age, hypertension does not just develop. Hypertension usually arises through the interaction of heredity, age, gender and various diets and lifestyles. Unhealthy diet, obesity, high alcohol consumption, lack of exercise and stress are to blame.

When the blood flows at full speed through the blood vessels, which load the walls of the vessels, inflammation and injury can occur, the rate of fat deposition also increases. The blood vessels therefore become narrower and less elastic, while the organs are poorly supplied with nutrients and oxygen. Possible consequences include atherosclerosis, stroke or heart attack.

I’ve been diagnosed with blood pressure, what should I do?

With extremely high blood pressure, so-called beta blockers are used in traditional medicine: drugs that ensure that the heart goes down one notch as quickly as possible. Because high blood pressure is fueled by an unhealthy lifestyle, you don’t always have the same access to a chemical cocktail. Holistic measures such as weight loss, healthy diet, absence of alcohol, exercise and relaxation are recommended.

Cannabidiol can also be used to treat hypertension, as CBD oil can affect blood pressure and its causes. If you are buying CBD oil for the treatment of hypertension, always consult your doctor first.

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How can CBD oil affect pressure?

CBD has a dilating effect on blood vessels. This could be a big plus to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, among other things. With larger diameter blood vessels, blood can flow better and blood pressure drops. One study showed that hypertension was reduced when CBD was administered to affected subjects. The same study also found that CBD oil so affected the participants’ blood pressure that it increased less when stressed.

CBD and the causes of high blood pressure

CBD is thought to inhibit the release of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline in the endocannabinoid system. In addition, CBD may be effective for anxiety. Scientists have also found a code that gives CBD a preference for converting white (“bad”) fat cells into brown fat cells and effectively breaking down fats. This suggests that CBD may play a significant role in the treatment of obesity.

If you have problems with high blood pressure, first and foremost you should maintain a healthy lifestyle and you can use CBD as an effective means to help lower your blood pressure.

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