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What is CBD

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CBD, or cannabidiol, is a substance that belongs to a group of substances called cannabinoids. These are found naturally only in cannabis plants. After THC, it is the second most important substance. It does not directly stimulate cannabinoid receptors, it does not have intoxicating effects and it may also reduce some of the side effects caused by THC. These include short-term memory lapses or anxiety states;

The healing potential of CBD

Research into the therapeutic potential has been neglected in the past. However, it is now coming to light that its pharmacological effects are very interesting. Some of the scientific research shows that it helps to slow down the aging process and could significantly affect the treatment of stroke. It also exhibits anti-inflammatory, antipsychotic and antidepressant effects.

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Other areas in which it could be used include the treatment of epilepsy, diabetes, social phobia, schizophrenia, bipolar effective disorder, multiple sclerosis, or as an alternative treatment for cancer;

How can CBD be used?

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When administered via pills, i.e. by the oral route, it has low bioavailability.

The same amount of CBD contained in a pill may not have the same effect as the same amount applied in other forms. For example, vaporisation (inhalation using special devices) is a direct route into the bloodstream;

For vaporisation, the herb needs to be ground into very small pieces by any means. This allows the hot air to pass through the herb and release the maximum amount of essential oil and other useful substances found in the plant. The prepared plants are placed in the reservoir of the device, the required temperature is set and the vapour inhalation can begin;

Another option is to use tinctures or oils that are applied under the tongue, left for a while and then swallowed. They can also be used in the aforementioned vaporisers. Oils are one of the most popular forms in which CBD is used. They are most commonly prepared by mixing hemp extract and oil, which is prepared by pressing hemp seeds. If the products are made in organic quality, they will boost the body’s defenses and immune system. They can provide great relief in case of chronic fatigue, back pain, eczema, insomnia or inflammatory disorders.

There are also special types of patches that allow more substances to be absorbed into the bloodstream. These herbal patches are ideal for detoxifying the body and strengthening immunity in a non-invasive way;

Other methods include pre-dosed capsules, certain edibles, balms or oral sprays;

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