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CBD as a great ingredient in skin care

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One of the most unpleasant and widespread skin problems are acne and psoriasis (psoriasis). CBD is an option to alleviate these problems. The cosmetic industry is constantly looking for new natural serums of natural origin. Cannabinoids may be the ideal ingredient.

Several studies have examined the effects of surface use of CBD and many benefits have been discovered. A recent analysis of existing research (link to analysis) showed that CBD, when used topically, has the potential to relieve symptoms associated with acne, itching, eczema and psoriasis. The authors of the analysis point to a small study that used a 3% hemp cream for acne. The study showed that people who applied a CBD cream twice a day to one side of their face with acne and redness experienced a significant reduction in sebum and redness. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD were found to be effective for topical treatment of various skin conditions such as the aforementioned psoriasis and eczema.

CBD as part of regular skin care

The effects of CBD on the skin are also being studied by a Californian dermatologist, Dr Jeanette Jackin. At the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), she spoke about the potential of topical CBD for skin care and said that hemp can also be another important tool in daily body care and anti-aging;

According to her, there are two recent studies that show the importance of CB1 (cannabinoid receptor) receptors in the skin for healthy basal cell regeneration. Basal cells need to regenerate and grow. If this does not happen, subsequently the skin ages faster and the person looks older. Cannabidoids may represent a source of youthfulness in dermatology. CBD does not have to be used alone for the skin, it is best used as one of the other ingredients to be added to skin care mixtures. The various ingredients will help with skin regeneration, moisturizing and nourishing the skin, CBD will help with inflammation.

Patients with skin problems are looking for products with CBD

Products that may be of interest to you

It has been noted that consumers themselves are increasing their demand for products containing cannabis ingredients. More and more people are learning about CBD’s ability to relieve pain and are looking for creams with this ingredient to bring them relief. Increasingly, products with CBD are being sought by people with psoriasis or perhaps an autoimmune disease that leads to rough and scaly skin that can be very painful.

Since the CBD market is not regulated, you need to be careful what you buy. It pays to only buy products from reputable brands. Also, pay attention to the CBD content, if it’s at the end of the CBD formula, there may only be trace amounts and you won’t feel the effect. Recommendations work very well, many patients who use products with CBD will recommend products that are actually effective or, conversely, they may warn you about products that have no effect or are even dangerous;

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