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What is cannabinol and what effects does it have on our health?

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Cabbinol (CBN) is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. You are probably hearing about it for the first time. Cannabinol remains unknown to many people, yet it continues to gain attention for a variety of reasons. A metabolite of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), it is produced by the gradual degradation of THC through oxidation (access to oxygen), a consequence of ageing. Oxidation takes place when THC is exposed to air. In contrast to THC, which is known for its high psychoactive effects, CBN is celebrated for having less psychoactive effects and also bringing a range of health benefits. It is mostly known for its effectiveness in inducing sleep and as such is highly preferred in treating cases of insomnia.

Each cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant affects users differently and also provides different medicinal benefits. Below we will present more information on what CBN is and what its benefits are for the human body;

Kanabinol (CBN)

What is CBN and how is it different from THC or CBD?

As THC ages, it produces CBN. Many people don’t realize that scientists identified this cannabinoid before they found CBD and THC. In addition, THC is converted to CBN when heated or exposed to oxygen. In addition, scientists extract CBN from THC extracted from the cannabis plant;

THC, on the other hand, provides the psychoactive effects for which marijuana is known. The psychoactive substance affects the brain function and mental state of the user. Although the effects are temporary, a person’s mood, perception, behaviour and consciousness are altered when using the substance. It is responsible for the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. Marijuana strains vary in terms of their THC levels, therefore the psychoactive effects also vary. Individuals today use THC to treat low appetite, glaucoma, pain and nausea, along with many other conditions. Individuals need to make sure they understand the difference between these cannabinoids to get relief from the symptoms they are experiencing.

CBN is also different from CBD. CBD oil and other products made from this cannabinoid continue to dominate the cannabis product market today, and individuals who are unfamiliar with products made from hemp may be confused. CBD has no psychoactive effects and users do not experience any altered states of consciousness. Rather, the use of CBD products leaves a person feeling relaxed;

Researchers have yet to determine whether CBN is psychoactive, as some studies show that it is not, while others suggest that it has mild psychoactive effects. They found that CBN appears to be a powerful sedative. This leads some to believe that it has psychoactive properties.

How CBN affects the body

Unlike THC, CBN does not bind to the brain’s cannabinoid receptors. Instead, it produces sedative effects that become even stronger when combined with THC. The sedative nature of CBN is one of its most pronounced effects in the body and is thought to contribute to the drowsiness and sleep-inducing sensations associated with Cannabis Indica strains, as these strains tend to have higher concentrations of CBN;

Although it can be used as a sedative, it should be noted that CBN is not psychoactive anyway. As such, it can be a good medication without necessarily making patients experience psychoactive effects. In addition to being a sedative, it has many other health benefits, most notably pain relief, antibacterial effects, and appetite stimulation;

Health benefits of CBN

Scientists continue to look for new ways that CBN could benefit people. Research is still developing in this area and various new health benefits are being recognised, as are medicinal uses for THC and CBD. Scientists understand that this field is young and that there is much to learn about the many uses of these cannabinoids in modern medicine. We will present the main benefits that have been discovered for CBN.

Antibacterial properties

CBN appears to be a potent antibacterial agent. Scientists have studied its effects on antibiotic-resistant strains of MRSA and found that it works to fight these strains. In the future, people might find that CBN is used to fight bacterial infections that do not respond to conventional antibiotics used today.


As far as promising therapeutic uses of CBN are concerned, the use of this cannabinoid to treat epilepsy seems to be the most promising right now. While CBN is not as potent as CBD and THC, individuals have found that they benefit from introducing CBN into their overall treatment plan.

Anti-inflammatory properties

Countless individuals around the world suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, a chronic inflammatory disease. Many people believe that this disease only affects the joints, but in some patients it damages other body systems, including the eyes, lungs, skin and blood vessels. Researchers have given CBN to rodents to see if it reduces arthritis, and feel it could help those struggling with symptoms of the condition.

The researchers found that mice with experimental asthma experienced a reduction in inflammation when they were given CBN, and also experienced a stop in excessive mucus production in their lungs. Patients suffering from respiratory allergies often find that they get relief from using products made from cannabinoids, but they should consult their doctor before using them.

Appetite stimulation

In a study conducted on rodents, researchers found that CBN increased the food consumption of rats. This suggests that introducing CBN into their treatment plan would benefit patients suffering from conditions that lead to weight loss. Many people reject products containing THC because they fear intoxication, and CBN offers an alternative without this known effect. This allows people to increase their appetite without having to experience any psychoactive states. Doctors may recommend CBN to AIDS patients and those undergoing cancer treatment to encourage them to eat.

Treatment of burns

In the 1980s, researchers looked into the hypothermic effect provided by CBN to treat burns on the human body. This cannabinoid appears to lower body temperature while providing a cooling effect. It can be used topically to relieve pain in these individuals. Researchers believe that CBN activates the TRPV2 receptor, a cellular site that is activated when the skin is affected by high temperatures.


Imagine being able to rid your body of cancer with CBN. This can become a reality as research shows that CBN comes with cancer fighting capabilities. Scientists continue to study CBN and other cannabinoids to determine their effect on cancer and whether these substances can slow or stop the growth and spread of the disease. In fact, scientists have already found that CBN and some other cannabinoids reduce tumour size in, for example, lung cancer, one of the deadliest forms of cancer;


Glaucoma patients should talk to their doctor about CBN. Researchers gave CBN to rabbits to determine its effect on intraocular pressure, which serves as the biggest risk factor for the condition. The research remains in the early stages, and scientists have not yet found that it works better than the drugs currently used to treat the disease. However, testing continues as some believe that CBN may be beneficial to the treatment of glaucoma.

Neuroprotective properties

Neuroprotectors are substances capable of preserving neuronal structure or function. Doctors often use them when a patient suffers a stroke because the drug protects against the damage that this condition causes. Scientists believe that CBN works in the same way. In a study conducted using rodents, they used CBN to treat ALS and found that it delayed the onset of this debilitating condition. They need to conduct human studies before they can say whether it works well in humans, but they feel that CBN could prove to be a beneficial tool in the fight against neurodegenerative conditions like this one.

Pain relief

People who need pain relief should consider trying CBN. Researchers studying this cannabinoid and its use for pain relief have found that it has analgesic properties. It provides this relief by affecting the activity of capsaicin-sensitive neurons. Many people have heard this term as it appears in many topical painkillers and is also present in chili peppers. Capsaicin-sensitive nerves play a role in the body’s signaling and perception of pain. If you are a marijuana smoker and are looking for a good strain for pain, try the marijuana known as Auto Bubba Kush or Black Domina, which are very popular among current customers. Patients with tremendous pain often find that conventional treatments no longer meet their needs. CBN provides a solution for these individuals. Its use does not affect the CB1 and CB2 receptors, so patients will find that they can use it alongside CBD, which activates these receptors to provide a higher level of pain relief.

Bone regeneration

As with other components of marijuana, there are a number of studies involving CBN and its potential use in the development of various drugs. For example, recent studies suggest that CBN may be effective in stimulating bone tissue growth. This is possible due to its ability to stimulate the indirect recruitment of mesenchymal stem cells derived from the bone marrow of adjacent bones. These stem cells are known to transform not only into blood cells, but also have the versatility to transform into tissue and bone. For this reason, CBNs can potentially aid in fracture healing.

Healing of psoriasis (psoriasis)

Besides its ability to generate bone tissue, another great effect of CBN that is still in studies is its ability to reduce excessive skin cell growth. While this may not sound important to many people, it could greatly help psoriasis sufferers where the skin degenerates four times faster than normal. With such a property, CBN may be useful in regulating how the body produces skin cells. Again, when the compound is applied superficially, it shows amazing results in the treatment of psoriasis. This is evident from a study conducted in 2008.

Sedative effects are only when combined with THC

People who have tried CBN often believe it helps cure insomnia. In fact, quite a few individuals refer to CBN as a super sedative, but researchers in the 1970s found that this is not the case. Of those who participated in the study, no one reported drowsiness as an effect of CBN use. CBN comes from older cannabis, which also contains a high concentration of sedative terpenes. Researchers believe that it is these terpenes that provide the sedative effect;

The researchers concluded that CBN itself does not cause drowsiness. They believe that the combination of THC and CBN provides the sedative effect that many men and women associate with CBN alone. To test this theory, the research team provided participants with CBN alone, THC alone, and a combination of the two substances. THC alone induced drowsiness in the subjects, but the combination of THC and CBN resulted in higher levels of drowsiness. This led the researchers to conclude that the synergistic effects of CBN and THC provide sedative effects that are often attributed to CBN alone.

Use of CBN

Many people want to know how to use the CBN. As with THC and CBD, individuals choose their preferred method of using CBN. Topical applications benefit those who suffer from burns or skin diseases such as psoriasis, but some prefer vaping and this option remains available. Incorporate CBN into food or drink and consume it without knowing you are doing so, or use the cannabinoid in concentrate form. Each person will find the method that best suits their needs, as can be done with CBD and THC;

Use caution when using CBN. Because it provides sedative effects in combination with other substances. You may find that you are slightly dazed, dizzy or confused. Do not assume that this means you cannot benefit from using CBN. Start using it when you are at home, preferably at night, so you don’t have to worry about these problems. Use CBN and go to bed to get its benefits while you sleep;

Some manufacturers now offer food supplements with CBN, but they are still hard to find. New research continues to surprise us with how CBN affects the body and how it can be used to provide safe and effective treatment for a wide range of conditions. People should keep an eye on research in this area as they may find that it helps treat conditions they are dealing with today.

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