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Can CBD help with depression?

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Are you suffering from depression? These are really unpleasant conditions that need to be addressed early. In this respect, CBD seems to be a possible help. CBD helps with many different health conditions and depression could be one of them.

How can CBD help?

When considering the use of CBD for therapeutic purposes, it is important to note that current research is quite limited and most of the studies conducted have been tested on animals. The benefits of CBD for depression are therefore speculative. Still, it seems that it may have some benefits for depression, as it is used to manage anxiety, cognitive disorders, and other conditions. THC and CBD may be useful for conditions that are related to depression, including chronic pain.

What does the research say?

Experts believe that the potential benefits of CBD for depression are related to its positive effect on serotonin receptors in the brain;

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Low serotonin levels are probably related to depression. CBD does not necessarily increase serotonin levels, but it can affect how your brain’s chemical receptors respond to serotonin that is already in your system;

A 2014 animal study (link to study) found that CBD’s effect on these receptors in the brain has effects that counteract depression and anxiety.

More recent research from existing studies (research link) concluded that CBD has anti-stress effects that may reduce stress-related depression.

This is an area that is still being actively studied and new research and reviews are available every year. We can therefore expect that there will be new information on the effects of CBD against depression;

How does it compare to antidepressants?

When it comes to treating depression, CBD seems to have some advantages over antidepressants;

Most antidepressants take several weeks to work. However, a 2019 animal study (link to study) found that CBD has a rapid and sustained antidepressant effect. CBD may also result in fewer side effects than antidepressant medications. Common side effects of antidepressants include insomnia, sexual dysfunction, mood swings and restlessness. CBD has not shown similar problems.

However, it is necessary to be wary. While CBD may offer some benefits over antidepressant medication, it is not a substitute. Never stop taking prescribed medications, especially antidepressants, without first consulting your doctor. Abruptly stopping a medication that has been prescribed for you can cause serious side effects. If you want to stop taking your medication, consult your doctor first;

What if I also have anxiety?

Depression and anxiety commonly occur together. One study found (link to study) that people who took 600 milligrams (mg) of CBD experienced significantly less social anxiety than people who took a placebo. They used a smaller dose of 300 mg, which still reduced anxiety levels.

Anxiety may also be related to low serotonin levels, so the effect of CBD on serotonin receptors may partly explain these beneficial effects;

Final verdict

CBD is an increasingly popular drug that many people are using for depression, confirming its effect. These effects have not yet been confirmed by human studies, but this may soon change. If you want to take CBD for depression, check with your doctor first, especially if you are taking any medications, they could interact with CBD. Again, you should start with small doses so you know how your body will react to them and only purchase CBD products from reputable retailers;

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